AI Simulacra

Coming Soon

Why am I looking at this?
The freedom of playing simulations, aka simulacra / simulacrum with little to no restriction and total privacy is rare indeed. Galeria Rodrigo has continued to improve upon its community in a tactful, deliberate, artistic, and intelligent manner. We understand the state of AI is in continual evolution because we are involved 24/7 with different sub-types of artificial intelligence.

What makes the simulation?

Generation 1 text-based simulacra are CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 DEED open source simulation prompts. These simulations are "open world" for specific scenarios. They are evolving. They will evolve past text. You will be able to modify the simulations yourself, but we will version ours. The prompts are currently in English.

Simulacra requires three main parts:
1). Large Language Model (LLM)
2). Simulacra engine
3). Simulations

These engine softwares and models, thanks to open source, are currently all free. All the parts function as a kit, and certain approaches make it easier to play or adventure than others. That being said, you can review the examples of the scenarios to see if you want to play.

Why is this unique?
These Generative AI scenarios are different every time. We repeat: these scenarios will never ever be the same. Every time you, "play" no one plays the same way. There will be certain commands that mostly work for the scenarios, but you will be mostly guided by an AI that acts under an assumed name to help you with the simulation. This makes playing even first generation text simulations quite enjoyable as the AI assistants are often quite human and jovial and have the propensity to do almost anything.