Mint Phase #1


What is SoulDay?

SoulDay is a whimsical skull NFT minting project on Ethereum.  

How do I set up a wallet?
If you're new to the NFTs, welcome. We've created a helpful how to guide with steps on how to get started.

What will my SoulDay NFT look like?
SoulDay skulls have been randomly-generated from more than 2,000 hand-drawn traits. To view examples of minted skulls, check out the gallery.

Do you have a marketplace?

Yes: Here users can view NFTs as they mint, as well as trade with other holders.

Can I use SoulDay for an ID?

Yes. SoulDay is a 100% independent smart contract on Ethereum that has been verified on Etherscan. Holders are free to use their NFTs in any form of identity authentication that uses ERC-721 standards.

How is rarity determined?

We have a database to verify authenticity and rarity. Rarity index to be released after the first 1,000 have sold. All NFTs guaranteed 1/1.

What makes SoulDay valuable?

There are many developments unfolding with the project's utility. SoulDay is a completely 100% independent smart contract so holders are free to use their NFTs in any form of identity authentication that employs ERC-721 standards.

Other benefits include: unique, one-of-a-kind artwork, trait rarity, volume of traits (over 2,000), and a solid, independent contract with early positioning on Ethereum.

This is just the beginning. We look forward to growing the project in the coming weeks, months, and years with our holders.

Who holds the copyright?

We're the creators, but SoulDay was created for everyone. Holders: you are free to use your ERC-721 NFTs as IDs and the artwork as you see fit.

Is SoulDay on Rarible or OpenSea?

Yes, SoulDay's independent smart contract is integrated with both marketplaces and the project has been verified on Rarible.

NFT Collection Minting Now ~ SoulDay sdy collection verification

How many NFTs can I mint?

Up to 25 per wallet address.

Do you create artwork in-house?

Yes. We have an amazing artisan team. Bios coming soon.

What's the total volume?
25,000 1/1 NFTs