Minting open:


How do I mint?

Minting opens soon There's a max of 25 tokens per address. Once connected, you will have an opportunity to review your transaction prior to minting your tokens. All tokens are 1/1. Thanks for your support.

What wallets do you accept? is integrated with WalletConnect so you can mint with most wallets. Some of the most popular ones are MetaMask, Coinbase, and Trust Wallet to name a few.

What currency do you accept?
SDY is on Ethereum.

How do I open a wallet?
If you're new to the nft buying experience, be sure to visit our guide: how to set up an exchange account and crypto wallet.

What's the total volume of SDY?
25,000 1/1 tokens

How is SDY rarity determined?
We've employed a database to verify authenticity and rarity. All 25,000 are guaranteed to be 1/1.

What makes SDY collectible?
A variety of factors make SDY highly collectible: Rarity within the collection, bold artwork, volume of hand-drawn traits, early positioning on Ethereum. The collection's rarity index will be released after the first 1,000 have sold.

Does SDY have utility?
We are in the early development stages for this project. More information will be revealed in the coming weeks. You can also visit holders or our new discord.

Are you on social media?
We're on Instagram @galeriarodrigo

Do you create artwork in-house?

Yes. All artwork is created in-house.

When will your new collections be released?  
Full GRM and GRA collections coming in 2023.