How To Install and Run the Simulacra

The quickest way to play the Simulacra(s) is to use MemGPT to run the simulacra, and to store the memories. The MemGPT documentation can be found here: memgpt.ai

Install Python and MemGPT:
Note: It is highly likely you have python already installed, so try python3 command at command prompt to verify it first.

Install Python (if necessary) : python.org/downloads

Install MemGPT with pymemgpt (easiest):
Note:  pypi.org/project/pymemgpt
or from source github.com/cpacker/MemGPT

Install the Simulacra text file and Update your Profile.

Simulacra file install:
Find the following directory in your memgpt install:

Download the simulacra zipped text file(s) from the simulations here and drop the file into the /personas/examples directory.

e.g. /personas/examples/bankrobbery.txt

The name of the simulacra game is the name of the text file e.g. bankrobbery.

Update Your Profile (Who you want to be in the simulacra):
Find directory in your memgpt install:

Open and edit and save the basic.txt file to change it. Follow the file's lead and add your characteristics. This is your human configuration file: basic.

Configure an LLM and Engine endpoint combination. Note: You must be connected to the internet.

From the command prompt run memgpt -help to test your memgpt install

From the command prompt

memgpt quickstart 

This will create an internet connection configured to the memgpt api comprised of an LLM and Engine.

Start the Simulation.
From the command prompt

memgpt run --persona bankrobbery --human basic --agent bankrobbery-1

This will create the bankrobbery simulation for your character. It will also create a memory agent called bankrobbery-1.

Note: Run the same simulation start command after a save to get back to where you were.

Helpful commands at the “Enter your message:” prompt when the simulation is running:

initialize simulation - can be helpful if the LLM does not immediately start the simulation

describe - Moves the simulation along and or tells you the current situation

/exit - Saves where you are and you will need to reset with the agent

Helpful tone:
Act in the first person: e.g. I grab the gold. You can also try just commands: e.g. grab the gold.