New to NFTs?

Welcome. If you're new to nfts, here's our quick guide on how to open a crypto wallet to start buying nfts on Ethereum.

Step 1. Open an exchange account. Kraken is a popular provider. Next, transfer in fiat (dollars, euros, etc.) so you can buy Ethereum.

Step 2.
Open a wallet. There are many wallet providers available, see graphic below. MetaMask is probably one of the most popular. Plus, they have a nice phone app.

Step 3.Create an address in your wallet. In many cases you can create up to ten unique addresses.

Step 4.
Transfer Ethereum from your exchange to the exact addresses you created in your wallet.Verify the address is correct; there are no transfer reversals in crypto. Pay a "gas" fee to complete the transfer.

Step 5.You now have Ethereum in your wallet and are ready to buy nfts.

Best crypto wallets to mint NFTs on Ethereum