Spread the Crypto Love; Buy Art with Bitcoin

Bitcoin. $BTC. It and many other cryptocurrencies are soaring as the value of Fiat (Dollar, Euro) currencies of the world fall, by design. Is it volatile? Of course it is, for a variety of reasons, but let’s not worry about that. Those who bought into Bitcoin, even just over a year ago, have seen six times the return. Now that it's mainstream, those returns will slow a bit, but those who went in early are sitting pretty.

Can we discuss the question of happiness? Holding Bitcoin can buy you happiness. It's been burning a hole in your crypto wallet for awhile now. Maybe, it's time to share the love? Time to buy some art from your friendly neighborhood art gallery.

Galleries such as Galeria Rodrigo have stepped out on the Bitcoin plank. We've taken the risk and are willing to trade something solid and real and beautiful for something that is either: the greatest investment of all time, or the worst decision we've ever made. Hint: We think it's a good decision for our gallery to accept crypto.

As you sit there in your oversized house, with your new sports car in the garage. Let me ask you this. What's on your walls? If they are blank, we can help you out. You won't need to convert that crypto into Fiat to add to your pad. We cover some unique pieces in the masculine, feminine, and neutral zones.

Remember, that roll you’ve been on could start to peter out, but surrounding yourself with beauty won’t let that happen. Inspire yourself to make the next big trade, but take some time away from the screen. There’s still a world out there, crypto owner. Let art bring you back to center. Now, go make some more money and share the love.


Galeria Rodrigo progressive team of artists, developers, and AI scientists serving clients around the globe since 2015.

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