SoulDay™ NFTs

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NFT ~ Art Token, Skull Art, SoulDay™ No. 119



Introducing our new bold and colorful SoulDay™ NFT Skull Art Collection. With over 2,000 hand-drawn traits there is a lot of variety, color, uniqueness, and most importantly: rarity. The full collection includes an amazing 25,000 unique 1 of 1 artwork tokens including dozens of unique possible hairstyle variations, 250 teeth variations, and over 400 variations for the eyes alone.

Secure your space on the Ethereum Blockchain with our unique and colorful SoulDay™ NFT Art Collection.


Do you sell NFTs?

Yes! We're pleased to announce the release of our SoulDay™ NFT art collection. Customers can now purchase NFT art tokens via the methods as described below.

How do I buy SoulDay™ NFT Tokens?

To purchase tokens, you have two options:
1). You can take part in our "Art Lottery" system on for NFT tokens that have not yet been minted and are not yet visible. OR
2). You can purchase SoulDay™ NFT tokensthat have already been minted.

How do I buy a MINTED SoulDay™ NFT token?

Once you click the "Buy NFT Token" button you will be routed to our SoulDay™ collection page on OpenSea to complete your NFT token purchase. Please note: you must have a digital wallet in order to transfer your token with a wallet provider, such as MetaMask. Your token will immediately transfer upon purchase.

How do I mint a NEW SoulDay™ NFT token?

You can take part in our "Art Lottery" by minting unseen SoulDay™ NFT tokens via our secure Dapp application on Simply connect your MetaMask wallet and proceed through the minting process. Max 25 tokens per address, please. If you do not have a MetaMask wallet yet, you can easily set one up for free at


Mint SoulDay™ NFT Art Tokens ~


What currency do I use to mint NEW SoulDay™ NFT Tokens?
New tokens must be purchased with Ethereum or ETH. To purchase cryptocurrency, you must have an "exchange" account with an organization such as or Once you have converted your Fiat (Dollars, Euros, etc.) into Ethereum and transferred your Ethereum into a wallet (such as, you can initiate a token purchase.

I'm new to minting. How can I learn more?
Check out our NFT FAQs designed especially for customers new to the minting process. COMING SOON: we will also have a video series devoted to customers just getting into the NFT space. Join our newsletter to learn more.

How can I learn more about your Virtual Art Gallery?

We're pleased to announce that our exciting new Virtual Art Gallery venture is currently underway. More information on our Virtual Art Gallery venture coming soon.

Do you create your artwork in-house?

Yes. All artwork in our collection is created in-house by our artists. All art proudly created in Colorado, USA.

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes. Give the gift of art with a Galeria Rodrigo gift card. Gift cards are available in multiple denominations, and never expire. For more information, visit gift card.

I love your mission! Can I make a donation?

Yes! We are so grateful for your support as we work to spread peace throughout the world with bold, colorful art. To help support our efforts, please feel free to make a donation.

I'm an international customer: Do you charge VAT?

No, our prices do not include VAT. Please note that any charges for VAT or duties for your country will be charged upon delivery.

Additional questions? Feel free to contact us.