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New to Minting? SoulDay™ NFT FAQs

New to the NFT minting process and wondering how to mint tokens? This step-by-step list is a great preliminary resource on how to get started setting up a digital wallet to mint NFTs. It will open many doors and can be fun. Here's how:

Step 1. Open an "exchange" account and transfer Fiat (Dollars, Euros, etc.) into the account so you can buy Ethereum. We recommend for the best turn around time. and others will work, but they usually take longer to release funds. (Please note: this is opinion, not financial advice.)

Step 2.
Open a crypto coin wallet. There are many options out there, but has plug-ins for most browsers, and a nice phone app. It also works the best with most NFT marketplaces.

Step 3.
Create an address within your new wallet. You can create several; in many cases up to ten addresses.

Step 4.
Transfer Ethereum from your chosen exchange (,, etc.) to the exact wallet address that you created in your Metamask wallet. Make sure and double-check that the wallet address is correct! Copy, paste, and double check. Pay a small "gas" fee. has average fees, so you can transfer at pretty much any time that works for you. Gas prices during peak times may be higher.

Step 5. That's all there is to it! Now that you have Ethereum in your digital wallet you are ready to buy NFTs. You can buy NFTs on popular NFT marketplaces. If you would like to purchase our SoulDay™ NFTs, you can proceed with the steps below:

How to buy SoulDay™ Tokens

Step 6. We have two options to buy SoulDay™ tokens:
You can take part in our "Art Lottery" for NFT tokens that have not yet been minted and are not yet visible. OR
2). You can purchase SoulDay™ NFT tokens that have already been minted.


Step 7.To mint NEW SoulDay™ NFT Art tokens, visit the link below to enter our "Art Lottery" system. The system is called an "Art Lottery" because tokens are purchased without seeing the artwork or meta trait data first. For this reason, they are sold at a significant discount. NFT tokens transfer to your new wallet immediately. Artwork will appear within 24 hours. To instead buy minted SoulDay™ tokens, proceed to Step 8 below:



Mint SoulDay™ NFT Art Tokens ~


Step 8.
To purchase SoulDay™ NFT tokens that have already been minted, check out our SoulDay™ Art Collection. Here you can shop all of our minted SoulDay™ NFTs. To complete your purchase, you will be routed to Upon purchase with your new digital wallet, your NFT token will transfer immediately.

Questions? As always we're hear to help and only a message away. Feel free to contact us.

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