Galeria Rodrigo

NFT ~ Skull Art, SoulDay™ No. 201

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Introducing our bold and colorful SoulDay Token Collection. With over 2,000 hand-drawn traits there is a lot of variety, color, uniqueness, and rarity. The full collection includes an amazing 25,000 unique 1 of 1 nft tokens including dozens of unique possible hairstyle variations, 250 teeth variations, and over 400 variations for the eyes alone. Secure your space on Ethereum with SoulDay.

This item is a minted NFT. To mint a new SoulDay NFT, please visit


How do I mint a new SoulDay token?
You can mint a token via our secure minting application on Tokens will immediately transfer to your digital wallet. Artwork and meta trait data will become visible on marketplaces such as OpenSea within 24 hours.


Mint SoulDay Token on Ethereum ~

What is the utility of SoulDay tokens?

Token holders will soon have exclusive access into a very Unique Metaverse Experience. Read more about this exciting new venture.

How is SoulDay token rarity determined?
We have employed a database to verify authenticity and rarity for all 25,000 1/1 tokens within the SoulDay Collection. After the first 1,000 tokens in the collection have been sold, our Rarity Index will be released.

Is SoulDay on OpenSea?
Yes, SoulDay tokens that have been minted are visible on OpenSea. If you mint a new SoulDay token, the artwork and meta trait data will become visible on OpenSea within 24 hours. Visit SoulDay on

SoulDay NFT Tokens on

What crypto wallets can I use to mint a token?
Our secure Dapp application on is integrated with WalletConnect so you can mint tokens with a variety of digital wallets including MetaMask, CoinBase, Rainbow, and Trust Wallet to name a few.

Mint SoulDay tokens via WalletConnect ~

What currency is accepted for tokens?
New SoulDay tokens must be purchased with Ethereum via a digital wallet. To mint, simply visit and proceed through the minting process. If you are new to buying NFTs, be sure to check out our helpful step-by-step guide to set up an exchange account and crypto wallet.

How can I learn about your Virtual Gallery?

We're pleased to announce that our exciting new Virtual Art Gallery venture is currently underway. More information on our Virtual Art Gallery venture coming soon.

Do you create your artwork in-house?

Yes. All artwork in our collection is created in-house by our artists. All art proudly created in the USA.

I love your mission. Can I make a donation?

Yes! We are so grateful for your support as we work to fill the world with bold, colorful art. To help support our efforts, please feel free to make a donation.

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